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this beat is pretty trippy man trippy beat hehehehehehhehe

"'I wish that you would invite me because i'd really like to go if you would just say that you wanted me.'

Not since the likes of Morrissey has music been graced with such miserable desperation in lyrical form.

'runnin out of breath like kelly clarkson. cause she's fat.'

Such biting lyrical assaults are part of what defines rapefunk- but to try to define that genre is nearly impossible. "- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

Gobblemeister responds:

I said it was a sad story about someone like me

But between u and I...it was me all along...

Rapefunk huh? Never heard that one before.

Either way this is pretty fricking interesting im gay

Wow dude

You know I really liked this tune for the most part, but Gobblemeister's verse at the end of the song was REALLY offensive! Some oughta give that guy a TAWKIN too!

sct3 is a bitchnigguh

I do not like being overly critical of musicians here because I feel bad about leaving harsh reviews but here goes:

The chords are decent but the melody isn't exactly consistent. The lyrics are completely incomprehensible due to the excessive use of autotune, it's like you were making them up as you went along.

After reading the lyrics along with the song, the experience is even worse. I know you meant well but that is some of the corniest sht ever written. You can argue with me and say "well, why does it have a high score/download count if it's so bad" and my answer would be that you uploaded this 2 years ago and are probably 5'ing it daily.

My suggestion would be to check out older artists like Luthor Vandross, Ronald Isley and even R.Kelly and see how they write ballads. Study them, take notes, don't be afraid to be inspired. I hope this wasn't too harsh.

Dude you really stepped up your game lately.

This is awesome. The reverse drums, the weird ambient synths. I'm very down.

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Shit, good to hear!


This is some fuckin Atari90000 shit my n***a

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Atari 90000? Damn, I gotta get one of those...

You can call me Ben Stiller

Cause imma FOCK yo PARENTS

tehslaphappy responds:

I'm gonna fuck your dad.


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