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"'I wish that you would invite me because i'd really like to go if you would just say that you wanted me.'

Not since the likes of Morrissey has music been graced with such miserable desperation in lyrical form.

'runnin out of breath like kelly clarkson. cause she's fat.'

Such biting lyrical assaults are part of what defines rapefunk- but to try to define that genre is nearly impossible. "- Peter Travers, Rolling Stone.

Gobblemeister responds:

I said it was a sad story about someone like me

But between u and I...it was me all along...

You know I really liked this tune for the most part, but Gobblemeister's verse at the end of the song was REALLY offensive! Some oughta give that guy a TAWKIN too!

sct3 is a bitchnigguh

Dude you really stepped up your game lately.

This is awesome. The reverse drums, the weird ambient synths. I'm very down.

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Shit, good to hear!


This is some fuckin Atari90000 shit my n***a

phosphorusprocedure responds:

Atari 90000? Damn, I gotta get one of those...

You can call me Ben Stiller

Cause imma FOCK yo PARENTS

tehslaphappy responds:

I'm gonna fuck your dad.

Dude I'm not even trolling but holy FUCK the recording quality is terrible. Your voice is distorted and the levels are way off.

Get a copy of Sony Acid or Protools so you can get a half decent quality recording.

Stereocrisis responds:

Every musician can't sound like what ever it is that you listen to normally. We LIKE our music distorted. It's punk rock. It's not supposed to be produced in high quality. Ever hear the Sex Pistols? The Damned? The Ramones? Iggy Pop? Ever hear a live recording from one of their concerts? You act like this is supposed to be a major label recording, and judging me on that. If your done pretending, let's drift back into reality. This is a live recording, done in one take, with little regard for how clean and cute it sounds for the average radio friendly person. We're not trying to be edgy. This is the best some people can afford to create with what minimal recording devices they have.

In short, just go back to your pop music.

Sub bass makes it

BOULLIE responds:

Bump to infinity

It is Okay but I think too Jewish?

Andertxuman139 responds:

That's the point ;)

He also followed up his review with a blog post that simply stated "ain't no nigguh like the one I got" and signed off with a resounding "CHUUUUCH".

Gobblemeister responds:



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